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A Special Manifestation with the Presence and Power of God in Human

A second set of Old Testament miracles occurs in the Elijah-Elisha stories which present the confrontation between Yahwism and Baalism. The so-called Babylonian Captivity of the Israelites came to an end through the agency of these actors, who also functioned under the guidance of God or Yahweh. The third major set are positioned within the teaching, ministry and life of Jesus Christ and his earliest disciples which McBrien (339) says are "linked with the inbreaking of the reign of God." Saint Paul claims, for example, that he was a firsthand witness to miracles he performed along with miracles performed by others who followed Christ and spread Christianity.

Most miracles in the Old Testament are sagas or legends that celebrate the origin of Israel and its heroes and heroines. They serve to demonstrate God's simultaneous love for His "Chosen People" and His determination to punish them when they erred; the message is that obedience to God and God's will is mandatory. New Testament miracles -- including Jesus' transformation of water into wine in the wedding feast at Cannan, the raising of Lazarus from the dead, and various healings of the sick and disabled -- serve the present Jesus as the Son of God and the Lord of life and death (McBrien 340). Jesus was able to use His power and the Son of God to transform a small number of fish and an equally limited number of bread loves into sufficient food to serve a multitude; he was also able to cure the sick and give back sight to the blind.

The critical difference between the Old Testament miracles and those of the New Testament is that the former serve to illustrate the power of Yahweh -- a distant God -- and the latter illustrate instead the healing power of Christ and His capacity to bring salvation to mankind. Jesus Christ is both man and God, and therefore He had a twofold purpose in His miracles. He wanted to illustrate the love of God for mankin


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