Addressing the Nursing Shortage
There is no need to pull charts, or rely on the memories of others when SMART cards are used. Wireless technology could also be used to keep a nurse in touch with patients and physicians, updating everyone with the latest data available. With so much new technology available, and a chronic nursing shortage, Bowers and McCullough point out the need to embrace the new technology and use it to its fullest capacity.

Girard (2004, 753-754) draws attention to all the new legislation that is being enacted to help the crisis in nursing due to the shortage. She points to the Nurse Education Promotion Act, which will provide grants to associate degree nursing schools and professional nursing organizations to increase nursing education; the Recruitment and Diversity in Nursing Act which will increase the number of minority nursing students; the Rural and Urban Health Care Act which allows nurses with visas to take the National Council Licensure Examination; the Teacher and Nurse Support Act which provides loan forgiveness for RNs and Teachers; and the Veterans Administration (VA) Medical Workforce Enhancement Act which provides better pay and benefits for VA nurses. Girard points out that this legislation is important because with the current shortage, many of a nurse's duties

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