An Understanding of the Scripture by the African American People
It is also the story of the covenant between a people and their God, which is important to an outsider and dominated people.

Evans discussed Howard Thurman's theological work on Jesus and his relationship to the disinherited in this regard. Thurman pointed out that Jesus' social location was important in understanding his history and meaning for AfricanAmericans. He noted that Jesus was as Jew of Palestine, a poor Jew, and identified as the Son of Man. He was in a very specific time in history in which his status was a lowly one. He was one of the dominated, rather than a dominator. He was a member of an oppressed minority and, as such, was a figure with whom AfricanAmericans could easily identify (Evans 1992: 84). Yet, he also was a transcendent figure, as Evans consistently noted. Thus, he was able to live in the state of oppression, but not be bound to it.

Jesus is not bound to the state of oppression because of his relationship to god. He is not only the Son of Man, the human aspect, but also the Son of God, vested with the power and transcendence of his Father.

Both Thurman and Evans seem to agree that the religion that Jesus brought into the world represented an entirely new way of dealing with human relationships. Rather than be nonresistant, or warlike, the individual and group is enabled to develop a condition of internal freedom, mediated by Jesus. This is both liberation a

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