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Awareness in Christianity

But Christianity represents a programmatic departure from religion-as-magic, as Tertullian's invective against paganism demonstrates and from the Jewish tradition out of which it grew. Equally, Christianity must not fall into the trap of heresy. Indeed, the text was meant as a response to the idea that God the Father of Jesus was to be distinguished from the god of Creation, which generated the imperfections o bodily experience. But Jesus embodied material experience, and as Christ born, dead, and risen is the raison d'Ítre of Christianity, the clarity of Tertullian's Christology is relevant to his vision of the Creation and the church that is meant to be the culture bearer of Christianity.

Tertullian's analysis of the extent of divine participation in human experience as implied by the doctrine of the resurrection of the body. In a sense, the whole of Tertullian's text is a description of how humanity gets from here to there--and how it does not. Tertullian is at pains to use scripture to explicate the ways in which God is or should be central to human experience and why Christianity--specifically, orthodox Christianity--is the only mechanism by which the linkage between the human and the divine can be reified. The transformational power of the faith runs on a parallel with the transformation of worldly experience that the Church is meant to accomplish. What that implies is that the experience of the soul will have also been transformed as well for eternity. All of that is implied (once again) in the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus. That makes it imperative for Tertullian to establish a coherent account of how and to what extent the experience of Jesus will reach meaning for human experience at the individual level, culminating in the last resurrection at the end of the world and th


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