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A Comparison of Functionalism and Neofunctionalism

Second, several groups of functional agencies would be coordinated.

Third, the functional agencies would then collaborate with certain international planning agencies. Mitrany envisaged two such agencies: an International Investments Board and an International Development Commission.

Finally, the fourth stage, would involve creation of an overall political authority, although not quite a world government, it would be something like the League of Nations Assembly or the International Labour Organization Governing Body, though with few actual powers. (Banyan 2005, 2).

Further, according to one analysis:

"While Mitrany did not lay down a clear route to a functionalist world system he did discuss implementation of functionalism, particularly in a post World War II world. He said that policy had to be formed quickly after the war on an international level where functional organization could be at its best. These agencies, being functional, would then naturally adapt to a more normal, rather than crisis-struck, world. "Here we discover a cardinal virtue of the functional pattern, what one might call the virtue of technical self-determination. The functional dimensions, as we have seen, determine themselves. In a like manner the function determines its appropriate organs. It also reveals through practice the nature of the action required under given conditions and in that way the powers needed by the respective authority. The function, one might say, determines the political instrument suitable for its proper activity, and by the same means provides for its reform at every stage. Mitrany also believed that the priority was to "get into step now" and to this end he did not feel it was suitable to spend time laying down complex plans for the sector agencies ("Functionalism" 2005, 2)."

Neofunctionalism, as noted above, takes functionalist theory as proposed by Mitrany and others one step farther (Schmitter 2002, 1). A major impetus ...

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