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Action Plans of the Human Resource Management in a Hospital

The other reason for the particular strategic approach was that reality reconstructionists (including symbolic interactionists) describe social dynamics as insiders, rather than, as do positivists, as outsiders, i.e. they are participants in the dynamic situations. The result of the project's "probing" should be understanding (Verstehen) of personal and interpersonal dynamics. The study, therefore, was essentially concerned with process description with a view to understanding process dynamics and behavioral outcomes.

Methodologically, the research project called upon three sets of instruments, viz. one, direct participant observations; two, structured and unstructured individual interviews; and three, written questionnaires.

The target-populations (the samples) of the project consisted of 29 direct-delivery healthcare professionals, 6 administrative middle-managers, and 24 patients (divided into 2 categories, viz. pre and post conjuncture patients).

For each category of participating subjects, patterns of interactional behaviors were identified, statistically processed, assessed quantitatively (frequency) and qualitatively (intensity), and internally correlated (interviews/observations). Comparisons were then established among the two categories of subjects for the variables stated in the hypotheses.

The findings of the study strongly confirmed the hypotheses. Internally, there was a highly positive correlation between interview and observation scores (GXY = 0.88) for the two categories of subjects.

In the Healthcare Professional Category, the belief that "short-term treatment short-changes patients" was very strong ( = 3.80 on an ascending scale of 1 to 5). "Hostile behavior toward alleged sources of the conjuncture" (top management, insurance companies, political representation) came in second in terms of intensity of expressed feelings ( = 3.09). Group solidarity followed with = 3.07.

In the Administrative ...

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