Anatomy of the Knee Joint and the ACL
There is a mesentery-like fold of synovium which starts from the posterior intercondylar area and envelops both ACLs and posterior cruciate ligaments (PCLs). Cruciate ligaments are intraarticular and extrasynovial (4:132).

The ACL is attached to a fossa on the posterior aspect of the medial surface of the lateral femoral condyle. The femoral attachment is a segment of a circle with a straight anterior border and a convex posterior border. The long axis of the femoral attachment is slightly tilted forward from the vertical. The posterior convexity is "parallel to the posterior articular margin of the lateral femoral condyle" (4:132-133). The ACL is distally attached to a fossa in front of and lateral to the anterior tibial spine. Here the ACL passes under the transverse meniscal ligament; fascicles of the ACL may blend with the anterior attachment of the lateral meniscus. For some, fascicles from the posterior part of the tibial attachment of the ACL may blend with the posterior attachment of the lateral meniscus. The tibial attachment is broader than the femoral attachment. The ACL fans out and terminates in a larger tibial attachment than that with the femoral attachment (nearly twice the width). There is a part right at the tibial attachment that lies against and adapts to the contour of the intercondylar roof while the joint is in full extension (4:133).

The ACL courses anteriorly, medially, and distally across the joint and passes from femur

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