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A Care Plab based on Roy's Theory

Tennyson (1991, p. 81) found that African American teenaged girls possessed the knowledge required to enable them to prevent pregnancy, and concluded that the unthinking excuse played a major role in behaviors leading to pregnancy.

Family relationships and the family environment are also implicated in teenage pregnancy among African Americans (Scott, 1993, pp. 7381). McLoyd (1990, p. 311) found that poverty and economic loss are more detrimental to black children than to white children. McLoyd (1990, p. 312) found further that fathers who sustain a heavy financial loss become more irritable, tense, and explosive, and, in turn, are more likely to exhibit negative behaviors toward their children. This research indicated further that such negative behaviors on the part of fathers were predictive of socioemotional problems in their children. Within this context, McLoyd (1990, pp. 335336, 339) found that (1) different kinds of poverty are systematically linked to race, (2) adverse economic outcomes to occur to black families with greater frequency than they occur to white families, (3) poverty and economic loss are manifested in similar parental behaviors, (4) marital problems exacerbate negative parental behaviors linked to poverty and economic decline, and (5) social maladaptation is more pronounced in black males than in black females. McLoyd's (1990, pp. 335336, 339) findings imply both continuing and increasing levels of psychological and socioemotional distress for very large number of black children in the United States. Pearson, Hunter, Ensminger, and Kellam (1990, p. 434) found that extended family relationships are of greater significance among black families in the United States than among white families. This research also indicated that the degree of grandparent involvement in parenting varied across racial and ethnic group. Pearson, Hunter, Ensminger, and Kellam (1990, pp. 438439) foun...

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