An End to Suffering
It would bring peace and justice to the world.

Taoism teaches that the Tao (way or path) is the source of all creation, and nature is the basis of a spiritual approach to living (Taoism). It teaches that the order and harmony of nature is far more stable and enduring than the power of the state or the civilized institutions constructed by human learning. The early Taoists called their approach the wuwei (literally meaning ˘no action÷). Taoists put aside externals, such as fame, money, and praise, and pursue art and creativity. They often retreat to the countryside and commune with natural beauty. This way of avoiding the ills of city life brings about a more peaceful nature, and reminds people that man cannot rival nature with all his technology and creations. It brings man back to his origins, and so brings him into peace and harmony with nature, reducing friction with others. It brings a peaceful outlook on l

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