Analysis: Viscosity of the Blood in Narrow Capillary Tubes
562). He assumed that such relationships are also relevant to blood flowing through the vasculature (Fahraeus & Lindqvist, 1931, p. 562).

Objections to Poiseuille's conclusions, however, have been made both on the basis of theoretical and experimental arguments (Fahraeus & Lindqvist, 1931, p. 562). Some have suggested that the dataobtained using wide capillary tubesmay not apply to the specific environment that exists within an actual capillary (Fahraeus & Lindqvist, 1931, p. 562). In addition, Fahraeus & Lindqvist (1931, pp. 562563) notes that experimental data obtained through investigations conducted by researcher, Hess, lend further support to such ideas. In experiments using genuine blood in narrow capillary tubes, Hess' data seem to suggest that apparent relative viscosity decreases with a corresponding decrease in tube diametera fact overlooked by Hess himself (Fahraeus & Lindqvist, 1931, pp. 562563).

In light of these circumstances, Fahraeus and Lindqvist were sufficiently justified in their decision to embark on a comprehensive examination of the problem. They did employ a method which introduced significant technological improvement to experimental investigation in the field (Fahraeus & Lindqvist, 1931, pp. 563564). Previous workers had

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