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Adolescents Diagnosed with Diabetes

During the second interview, participants will have the opportunity to read the data analysis, commenting on the themes and meanings that have emerged from the study. This feedback allows for further refinement of the data. Each participant-interview will be approximately two hours long. The data will be collected primarily by tape-recording the interviews. Secondary data will be collected through notes taken by the researcher during each interview.

This literature review concerning the topic of the lived experience of adolescents diagnosed with diabetes addresses the following areas relevant to this study: conceptual framework; introduction to diabetes; gender and diabetes; quality of life; and summary and conclusions.

A conceptual frame of reference may be used to explain the orientation of this study. Quality of life includes the perception of the individual and reflects a view of one's life at a particular point. This factor is important in patient responses to illness experiences and treatment. Quality of life is multidimensional and subjective in nature. There are many factors that can contribute to the quality of life such as socioeconomic status, resources, age, culture, and personal p=background. There can be physical, psychological, and social determinants that affect well-being and quality of life. Physical well-being is related to functional health status, physical symptoms, perceived health, and personal ability to meet needs. Psychological well-being is related to contentment, productivity, self-perception, control, and emotional adjustment. Social well-being is related to interactions with friends, support from family members, and role fulfillment. Adolescents are going through a period of rapid changes and emotional turmoil. They strive to determine a personal identity and their views may differ from their parents (Faulkner, 2003). The exploration into the lived experience of the diabetic adolesc...

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