Aristotle in Plato's Academy
Within these writings we find the philosophy of Aristotle on a number of topics, from epic art and tragedy to his views on virtue, justice, and the good life. Three of Aristotle∆s most significant writings that remain influential to this day are his treatises known as Rhetoric, Poetics, and Nichomachean Ethics. In Rhetoric, Aristotle took issue with Plato∆s disdain for rhetoric as an art and skill. Speeches are made to persuade and are effective in doing so, according to Aristotle, when they include logos, pathos, and ethos. In Rhetoric, Aristotle maintains that there are three kinds of persuasive appeals: Logos; Pathos; Ethos. Logos has to do with appeals to the reason of the audience. Pathos appeals to the emotions of the audience. Ethos is appeal based on the speaker∆s character. Such appeals are internal arguments that help a speaker persuade his audience of the validity of what is being said. Logos, Pathos and Ethos are also known as artistic proofs that, according to Simmons (2001), Űprovide resources of communication that are available to the public speaker or persuaderŲ (48).

In Poetics, Aristotle provides his philosophy of art, tragedy, and epic drama. Aristotle moved his own construction of art as imitation of nature from the writing of Plato, who also asserted that art is imitation. In Poetics, Aristotle justified poetry (and other arts) as valid on two grounds: the truth and validity of art as imit

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