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African American theology organized thematically

3). But this is no less true for Christians of all colors and creeds. The evolving Christian church, regardless of denomination, has always tried to define itself precisely within these four dynamics. Evans, and the other black theologians to whom he refers for inspiration and guidance, sees the cultural and intellectual conflicts as the single biggest obstacles for African-American Christian faith (pp. 5-6).

The second task, according to Evans, "is to articulate, interpret, and assess the essential doctrinal affirmations of African-American faith for the contemporary African-American community of faith" (p. 6). He sees in the Hebrew Scriptures a paradigm for the liberation of African-Americans and their faith. And although he states that "this story can become a safe haven . . . in which they might escape to demands of postmodern life" (p. 7), by arguing for a separate theology for African-Americans (indeed, Evans does not even attempt to construct a theology applicable to blacks of all nationalities) Evans sometimes appears to be escapist. When he later states that "black religion has two major aspects, obedience to God's command and the pursuit of God's truth, [and] the discovery of the verity of God's word and the structuring of one's reality in accordance with that word" (p. 19), Evans implies that this is foreign to non-black religion and, thus, that non-black churches cannot provide African-Americans a full religious experience.

This second task is the stated focus of Evans' book, and he makes a serious attempt to accomplish it. Unfortunately, by returning so frequently to the theme of blacks as oppressed persons, his message is almost lost to those non-blacks who may study and be enriched by his work. Instead of uplifting the vibrant spirituality and uniqueness of African-American Christianity, Evans implies that without a separate black theology African-American Christians are co-opting themselves with a wh...

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