Aristotelian Ethics
The human good is activity expressing virtue, which must be complete in that it must exist in all aspects of oneĂs life. Avoidance of excess and deficiency is mandatory in this ethical system, which also requires constant habituation or practice. AristotleĂs system of ethics calls for self-sufficiency and also demands that the ethical person avoid unethical behavior in all aspects of life and work.

AristotleĂs ˘virtue ethics,÷ according to Solomon (2002), are opposed to many business practices and to many competitive impulses. Virtue ethics requires one to recognize oneĂs role and place in the larger community and, at times, to subjugate personal (or corporate) desires and ambitions to a greater good. Individuals and organizations are required in this ethical system to bring out the best in themselves and their communities or employees. The Aristotelian approach to business ethics begins, according to Solomon (2002), with the notion that it is individual virtue and integrity that counts; good corporate and social policies will follow and are both the preconditions and the result of ethical behaviors. Cultivation of character is what matters most in this ethical system, in that character fosters morality.

Immanuel Kant proposed that a ˘good will÷ was the necessary aspect of character that man should acquire (Blocker, 2001). The good will is good and ethical not because of what it effects or accomplishes or becau

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