Arguments on Letters of Paul
The first is the Law of Moses made up of legal or moral laws and ritual laws. The second is the new covenant which basically transpired from the words of Jesus. However, when Paul says that Jesus came to abolish the Law and Prophets, he is talking about the ritual laws that pertain only to the Jews. The moral law is still valid to both Jesus and Paul, but by abolishing the ritual or ceremonial laws, Gentiles were included.

JesusĂ views of Law are provided to us by the disciples while other views of Law are provided by PaulĂs writings. Despite many arguing that Jesus and Paul contradict each other, the writings of the disciples and the writings of Paul teach basically the same ideas about Christ. Some feel that JesusĂ gospel is only for the Jews while PaulĂs writings argue the gospel is for all people. However, we are told in Matthew 28:19 that the last thing Jesus said before leaving earth was ˘to go into the whole world and preach the gospel, making disciples of all nations.÷ It was under the old covenant that only Jews were considered, whereas this covenant was broken the evening Christ broke bread and offered wine.

Because of the similarities and overlap between the views of Christ and Paul, there are distinct differences. This is particularly true with respect to PaulĂs more abstract view of God and man and his sharp distinction between the flesh and spirit. However, PaulĂs view of the Law is very similar to

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