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Addressing Issues on Healthcare Policy Development

In addition, they are saying that many seniors will lose the home health care services that they were receiving prior to the ACT (see: Pathfinders for Seniors, 1998).

In her discussion of the impact of the Balanced Budget Act of 1997 and its effects on the home health care industry, Forster (1998) has argued that, what is really needed prior to policy development, is research that specifically examines for the effects of alternative reimbursement methods on the home health care industry. She recommends that this research examine several areas including: per-visit cost limits, updates to cost limits, a new aggregate per-beneficiary limit, notification of limits, and site of service.

The review literature indicated that, as a result of the Balanced Budget Act of 1997, it can be expected that home health care services will have a much more expanded role in the health care system, especially as it relates to the frail elderly. This literature also indicated that, if home health care agencies, are to effectively and efficiently handle their new role, they must consider making several policy changes. Recommended changes were: (1) rethinking their organizational philosophy and mission; (2) restructuring their basic system of agency organization in the direction of greater centralization; (3) restructuring their methods of service delivery; (4) forming stronger bonds with geriatric physicians so that they can have confidence in the agency and in the services they deliver; (5) developing policy that will address the fears many elderly people have that home health care services will not adequately meet their needs.

In general, the notion that changes must be made appears to be well thought-through. Thus, it can be concluded that if research drove policy, the home health care industry would be best advised to respond to the Balance Budget Act of 1997 by implementing policy in the areas that have been recommended in the existing knowledg...

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