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These lessons are learned on the "Path of Desire." Against the Path of Desire stands the "Path of Renunciation." The Path of Desire leads the individual to gather pleasures from this life, while the Path of Renunciation leads the believer to turn his back on this life's passing pleasures and seek the divine. Because Hindus believe in reincarnation this spiritual journey involves not one human life but many. The individual soul on this journey moves from desire to renunciation by passing beyond self-centeredness, to a sense of wanting to serve the community (duty), and finally to a desire for the divine or spiritual:

What we really want is those things in infinite degree. The Hindus call this fourth, final and true want for which we programmed liberation (moksha)---liberation from everything that distances us from infinite being, infinite awareness, and infinite bliss. . . . This hidden center of every life, this hidden self or Atman, is no less than Brahman, the Godhead (Smith, Illustrated, 22).

There are four paths in Hinduism to the divine goal---knowledge, love, good works, and psychophysical exercises.

Hinduism believes that by nature and by individual spiritual development each individual is destined to be a member of a particular class or caste---the Brahmins or seers at the top of the hierarchy, then administrators or organizers, artisans

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