Aristotle and Locke Comparative Discussion on Property
The most basic form of property therefore arises from the need to provide the most basic human needs, or in the form of acquisition to achieve subsistence, or to allow for purposes of what Aristotle calls household management what "suffices for a good life" (Aristotle 21). But because different types of human beings live different ways of life, the modes of property acquisition for subsistence purposes also differ. Aristotle cites five such basic modes of subsistence-centered property acquisition, which in the case of some groups may overlap and converge: "the pastoral, the farming, the freebooting, the fishing, and the life of the chase" (20).

Subsistence by its own nature implies the acquisition of limited property, or that which is merely sufficient for life and well-being. Aristotle then moves on to discuss property that is both potentially unlimited in its amount and artificial rather than natural. Such property is achieved through some medium of exchange, so that the value of property is not its instrumentality or utility but rather an aspect of exchange, at the expense of one and for the profit of another party to the exchange. The medium of or convention for this artificial exchange is money, or as Aristotle puts it, currency, which of itself is "useless for any of the necessary purposes of life" (Aristotle 25). He connects these concepts with a view toward showing how m

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