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An Essay Against Master-Morality

In other words, whatever the master/ruling class does is by its very nature "moral" and "noble." They are obeying the essential force in life, the will to power, while the slave class denies life and is therefore immoral and ignoble.

According to slave-morality, therefore, the "evil" man arouses fear; according to master-morality, it is precisely the "good" man who arouses fear and seeks to arouse it, while the bad man is regarded as the despicable being (48).

The master-morality preserves all that is worthwhile and vital in life, all that is powerful and essential, while the slave-morality exists in a state of fear, obsessed not with the bounteous energy of life but with mere "utility." The master seeks to expand his life and his realm and practice of power, while the slave seeks only to subsist, to get by, to avoid the wrath of the master. The slave has a pessimistic view of life and human nature, while the master has an optimistic view, seeing life as abundant with opportunity and human nature as vibrant with power and possibility for exploitation of the slave class.

If we apply Nietzsche's moral philosophy to marriage, the nuclear family, and the guarding of a nation, we find situations utterly opposed to conventional images. To Nietzsche, all considerations having to do with morality must be analyzed anew from the perspective of the master class. Nothing is to be taken for granted as being moral or immoral or good or evil from the conventional standpoint.

With respect to marriage, using this essay as a foundation for speculation, Nietzsche would likely argue that conventional marriage is a means whereby the slaves try to impose their will on the masters. The slaves are frightened of the passion for life which resides in them. When slaves rule a society, they want to control and deny their own will to power, their own sometimes uncontrollable passion for life---and for sex---as well as those same forces which are at work i...

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