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Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

He ends the book with a note of hope founded on his new child---reincarnation of the dead Chris? The "something wrong" which led to his and his wife's choice to have the child "was unknown, but it was intense" (380). He claims to have accepted that there is some "larger pattern," but what that pattern is seems to be no clearer by the end of the book then it was in the beginning or the middle---except that it seems to repeat itself in different ways, perhaps in an evolving way (which takes it closer to "Quality"?).

In philosophical terms, Pirsig's pursuit of Quality is in part a pursuit of the unity between subject and object, or pursuit of a way to let go of the illusion of the separation between subject and object: "When everything's divided up into subject and object, there's really no room for Quality at all" (308). But there is a parallel pursuit under way which is masked by all the philosophical finagling, and that pursuit is for the thing that prevents something from having or being Quality. As Pirsig says to his son, "We just have to keep going until we find out what's wrong or find out why we don't know what's wrong" (308). However, what's wrong is that Pirsig cannot keep from separating Reality from Quality, his self from his life. He creates and re-creates the Subject/Object split every time he tries to find out what's "wrong," or tries to define "Quality" as something separate from his consciousness, or accepts that the split among academics at the University of Chicago is truly a matter of one group pursuing a "value free" science and the other pursuing a science based on values, including Quality (309). Everyone is pursuing values, even if it is the value of the idea that we cannot know what true value is.

I believe at the heart of the philosophic quest, at the heart of the geographic quest, is a flight from the self---no matter how rational the explanation or description of the process of the quest might be. It is,...

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