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A Celebration of Neurons, by Robert Sylwester

Sense organs, eyes, ears, skin, nose, tongue, are included in the sensory system.

Emotions and attention are principal processes that the body/brain uses to survive and thrive. Emotions gives a quick assessment of a situation and attention provides the neural mechanisms that focus on that which is important. There are more neural fibers that project from the brain's limbic emotional center into the logical/rational cortical center, than the reverse; therefore emotion is viewed as a powerful determinant of our behavior, impossible to separate from important activities.

Short-term memory is the initial memory that holds a few units of information for a short time, while determining their importance, before being retained in long-term memory. Memory networks need to be stimulated or the neural synapses built will revert to their original state, and we will forget. Sleeping is a time when the brain resets the memory network; some believe that dreaming helps to extend the life of survival memories.

We use our brain to solve problems through its own resources and that of our environment. Some problems are solved automatically, such as the removal of a hand from a hot surface. At times we borrow another's brain, or various forms of technology, to help us solve a problem. We use our brain to adapt to our environment by using emotion, experience, and learning, to strengthen connections.

A useful educational application of current theory and research, includes the role of emotion in the brain. Since emotion directs our behavior, educational techniques that rely on imposed control over students and staff, may need to be replaced with techniques that teach self-control and encourage venting of emotion that usually must occur before reason can dominate.

Educational leaders, as well as anyone attempting to participate in the learning process, would profit by reading this book. Parents at


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