AESCHYLUS Prometheus Bound
Thus, part of the dilemma of the two extremes of authority and resistance to it is created by the fact that though Prometheus has been disloyal, he did so for the good of man and is punished harshly for it.

Persuasiveness also appears to be a main aspect of the character of Prometheus. Prometheus, though disloyal to Zeus, receives great stature and prominence in the play. We see his stature affirmed when he Zeus pays attention to his final words. We also see his stature affirmed because even though his location is remote, he is visited by two gods, a mortal and the chorus. His importance is verified by his visits from Ocean, Io, and Hermes. However, one of the main reasons for this stature and prominence is his capacity for persuasiveness. He convinces Ocean to leave him in a marvelously persuasive passage wherein he depicts to Ocean the trials and tribulations suffered by his friends and family. He covers the punishments of his brother Atlas and his friend Typhon at the hands of Zeus. By the time he arrives at the end of this passage, he has convinced Ocean it will do him no good to stay on his behalf:

And I will drain my cup to the last drop,

until Zeus shall abate his insolence of rage.

OCEAN: And yet you know the saying.

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