An Active Behcets Disease
It is believed that Behcet∆s disease may be an autoimmune disease. Triolo et al (459) found high gamma interferon, but not interleukin 4, levels in the supernatants of lymphocytes from patients with active Behcet∆s disease cultured in the presence of cow∆s milk proteins. Levels equaled those obtained from cultures stimulated with PHA. Patients with active Behcet∆s disease also exhibited higher levels of anti-?-casein and anti-?-lactoglobulin IgG and IgA antibodies. These results indicate an active immune response occurs in Behcet∆s disease with an increased frequency of antibodies to cow∆s milk protein

There is an increasing awareness that consumption of cow∆s milk early in life may constitute a risk factor for autoimmune disease such as multiple sclerosis, mild rheumatoid arthritis in rabbits, and type 1 diabetes, and may also be a factor in the etiology of Behcet∆s disease (Triolo et al 459). The researchers suggest that cow∆s milk components may exert detrimental effects on the gut or on systemic immunoreactivity leading to a disturbed peripheral tolerance mechanism or enhanced susceptibility to viral infections (461). A diet rich in cow∆s milk may provide antigens that elicit an immune response that cross reacts with self, overcoming self tolerance. Mimicry of the peptides could be available through intestinal flora, such as the heat shock proteins that have high relevance in the pathogenesis o

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