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Anorexia Nervosa & Anorexia Bulimia

"The risk for developing an eating disorder increases dramatically when an athlete with low self-esteem is physically beautiful plus has traits of perfectionism and an underlying tendency to be hypercritical and anxious."

By definition, mass communication is a process in which professional communicators design and use media to disseminate messages widely, rapidly, and continuously in order to arouse intended meanings in large, diverse, and selectively attending audiences in attempts to influence them in a variety of ways.

"Data from this research suggest automatically activated attitudes toward fat women are significantly more negative than those for thin women." P. 351

"To the extent that media messages like advertising and celebrity spotlights help our culture define what is beautiful and what is 'good,' the media's power over our development of self-esteem and body image can be incredibly strong."

Kate Moss is 5'7" and weights 95 pounds. That is 30% below ideal body weight.

Supermodels Niki Taylor and Elle Macpherson also meet the Body Mass Index physical criteria for Anorexia.

Gisele Bundchen was Vogue's model of the year, in part the magazine states, because she strays from the rail-thin image. Gisele is 5'11" and weighs only 115, that is 25% below her ideal body weight.

How the Media Propagates Eating Disorders in American Women

"The media actively marketed the thin ideal as being associated with success and treated the body as a commodity. The consequent pursuit of thinness had become a new religion."

"The care we lavish, in the media, over teenage girls with eating disorders has never found its way to comfort the scrawny boy. Our only message is that he must simmer in his own anger and somehow become a man, which somehow equates with turning violent."

"The media family and peers play an important role in transmitting socio-cultural messages regard


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