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An Essay on Theistic Hypothesis and Realization Discovery

The philosopher almost invariably seeks to test a hypothesis and somehow prove that a relationship between well-identified variables exists. Not all hypothesis testing in philosophy or in the hard sciences and social sciences results in proving that a hypothesis is correct. It is often true that the results of hypothesis testing reveal that the hypothesis itself is invalid. In the case of faith, Roman Catholic theologians often acknowledge that what men must do to acquire faith is to figuratively leap across a great abyss - an abyss in which all of the rational reasons for rejecting the existence of God or belief in God's love for man can be found. In other words, by making this leap of faith one suspends hypothesis testing per se and allows realization to take control of one's belief and value system.

The second question at issue herein is whether or not the realization model applies to religion. People realize new things almost every day. It seems ridiculous to assume that faith cannot be realized in much the same way that one realizes, for example, that one simply does not like cats or a certain flavor of ice cream or a certain kind of music. Price (12) says that "there is something in us (perhaps in everyone) which makes us wish to love God. But perhaps there is also something in us which makes us wish not to love him, nor to have anything to do with him, and even to wish that he did not exist." In other words, we may seek to realize that God is or is not an extant being possessed or not possessed of certain characteristics among which loving human beings is often dominant.

The realization model indicates that one can suddenly or perhaps gradually come to experience a certain type of knowledge or to acquire a certain kind of understanding. One might realize that being involved in religious rituals (e.g., attending a church service, partaking of the Eucharist, meditating or praying) engender within one a sense o...

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