Analysis Of The Nature And Value Of Discourse
In this essay, Foucault (410-411) emphasizes the fact that there are culturally, socially, and politically specific modes or forms of discourse in which what may very well be extremely parochial and somewhat narrow knowledge is positioned.

In essence, a similar comment is offered by Edward Said (640) in ˘Intellectual Exile: Expatriates and Marginals.÷ In this essay, Said (641) recognizes that there are discourses peculiar to a single culture and knowledge that is related to having been born into that culture. The exile upon entering into various discourses outside of this culture often finds himself lacking in knowledge and unable to communicate beyond the superficial level. The location of speakers or knowers is therefore key to the meaning and interpretation as well as the position in which discourse occurs.

In ˘Black Power and Stokely,÷ C.L.R. James (414) offers the example of Stokely Carmichael and the slogan ˘Black Power÷ as a form of discourse in which all Americans participate, but which resonates most fully within the psyches of African-Americans whose familiarity with CarmichaelĂs central thesis and emotive response to that thesis is taken for granted. Understanding what Carmichael meant by Black Power is seen by James (418) as largely predicat

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