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Animal Rights: "An Argumentation"

Although it is not mentioned in the article, one cannot forget the furor and lawsuit that ensued when Oprah Winfrey made a comment against beef on her television show. The entire beef industry went up on arms because economics are at stake. The unstated assumption in this case is that it is acceptable for an industry to shape the tastes of the public in order to maintain their profits. Part of shaping those beliefs is this kind of writing, assuring the reader that the animals intended for consumption are raised and cared for in humane ways.

It is wishful thinking for the authors to write that the general population disagrees with animal rights, and the issue of anthropomorphism is simply begging the question. It is not necessary to humanize animals to believe that animals are sensitive and have emotions and spirits of their own. Numerous accounts in the popular press relate instances where animals have predicted a natural disaster or saved a human's life. This is not to say that they are human but that they are intelligent and worthy of respectful care. Again, the authors appeal to the authorities of theology, science, and philosophy, to substantiate the perpetuation of their industry. Simply because some individuals in those disciplines might agree that eating animals is a natural order of events in the food chain does not mean that it is ethical or that everyone has to agree that it is the right thing to do.

The authors do a good job of describing animal care in the livestock industry, presenting scientific and practical reasons for specific methods, such as dehorning, castrating, and keeping animals i


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