Article on Impotance of Nutrition for Healing
Significance For Community Health Nursing

Most of the implications of the article for Community Health Nursing are covered by Hughes (2003) herself. First, it provides nurses with an often overlooked means of facilitating recovery in the community.

Second, as noted in the article, if detected and treated, malnutrition can save health care costs and patient suffering as it speeds up healing and reduces the need for certain medications. Third, the article provides some very concrete and direct steps that nurses can take when dealing with malnourished wound victims. Thus, it is of very practical significance for nurses.

A final and important point made by Hughes (2003) regarding the significance of the article for community health nursing is that it provides strong support for the idea that focusing on the nutritional health of the patient should be a routine element of treatment for wound victims. Nutritional assessment and recommendations for treatment should indeed be part of what every community health nurse does when working with wound victims.

Hughes, S. (2003). Nutrition and healing. Journal of Community Health Nursing, 17(4), 22-26.

Hughes, S. (2003). Nutrition and healing. Journal of Community Health Nursing, 17(4), 22-26.

Optimal nutrition facilitates wound healing, maintains immune

competence and decreases the risk of infection. The body is a

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