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Application of Concepts of Life's Meaning

146-147). Of these three avenues to finding meaning, Frankl (1984) held that the last, transcending one's current situation, is of the greatest importance.

Frankl (1984) held further that a human being, however, dire the circumstance may be in which he or she finds himself or herself, always has a choice of action. While it must be acknowledged that Frankl (1984) was referring to a choice by an individual to make "triumph out of tragedy," or make pain a meaningful experience by finding meaning, this dictum could apply equally and logically to a right to die decision by an individual. Frankl (1984) saw the real tragedy in the concentration camps as those prisoners who ignored the challenge to find meaning in tragedy to "simply vegetate" (p. 81). While a choice of death would be rejected by Frankl (1984), it nevertheless would qualify as a choice and as an act, and would not qualify as indifferent vegetating. The right to die is a concept with which advanced practice nurses must be prepared to confront. Frankl (1984), however, held that "life is potentially meaningful under any conditions, even those which are most miserable" (p. 139). Frankl (1984) wrote, that:

When a man finds that it is his destiny to suffer, he will have to accept his suffering as his task; his single and unique task. He will have to acknowledge the fact that even in suffering he is unique and along in the universe. No one can relieve him of his suffering or suffer in his place. His unique opportunity lies in the way in which he bears his burden (p. 86).

For the advanced practice nurse who desires to practice logotherapy, the relevance for practice is that the focus of logotherapy is on the future the patient's future (Frankl, 1984). In logotherapy, the patient is "confronted with and reoriented toward the meaning of his life" (Frankl, 1984, p. 104). Life's meaning is determined by the individual, not by an abstract concept, and not by a third party...

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