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A Cure or A Miracle: Problems with AIDS & HIV Infection

The Pediatric AIDS Foundation, in a draft statement, stated that the results of this study mean that pregnant women should be routinely screened for HIV, and those found positive must now be offered AZT treatment for both their own benefit and for the

prevention of infection of their infant. However, physicians who recommend such treatment should wait until the 14th week of gestation, as the study did not address the risk of zidovudine use in the first trimester. Researchers cautioned that long-term follow-up of all of the children born to mothers in this study is essential to learn more about the risks and benefits of the treatment beyond these encouraging early results. Indeed, many other researchers criticized the early termination of this study for this reason ("Trial halted," 1994, p. 807; "AIDS alert," 1994, pp. 38-40).

This study, however, is important because women younger than 20 have higher rates of HIV infection than older women or young men ("Teenage girls," 1994, p. 4). While people still believe that AIDS is contracted mainly by gay men, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), gay men accounted for fewer than half of the new AIDS cases in the United States in 1993. The increasing number of heterosexual cases proves that the disease does not discriminate according to sexual orientation ("Danger signs," 1994, p. 70).

Although scientists have not been able to find a cure for AIDS and HIV, they have spent time and money seeking ways to prevent the spread of AIDS, studying how this disease has changed society, and promoting AIDS awareness. Some of their educational efforts have had good results. For example, since studies have proven that women are particularly vulnerable to HIV infection, many women have taken heed and have changed their behavior. Data gathered from 1990 telephone interviews with participants from

the 1988 National Survey of Family Growth reported that, between 1988 and 1990, the...

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