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A Precise View of Christian Life

His efforts do not pay for or add to his salvation" (Kersten, 1970, p. 23). Luther believed that God could not be known by human speculation or from natural revelation but that man could rise to Him by the imitation of His Son, Jesus Christ, who, Luther insisted, had a divine and human nature, which was intimately identifiable and not simply coexistent.

The Lutheran Church is governed by the Constitution of the National Lutheran Council. Its Preamble identifies three reasons why the Participating Lutheran Church Bodies saw the Constitution as necessary and agreeable: to accept Holy Scripture as the word of God and the only source, norm and guide of Christian faith and life; to accept the Unaltered Augsburg Confession and Luther's Catechism as the true exposition and presentation of the doctrine of the Holy Scriptures; and to accept the conviction that they can and should serve the Lutheran Church at large by cooperating in matters of common interest and responsibility and cooperation which does not affect their distinctive principles.

The Articles of this common agency, the National Lutheran Council, provide the following: members are participating bodies (who may withdraw at any time) and have one representative for every 100,000 members and at least one regardless of size; representatives are called Councillors and are selected with due regard for participation of clergy and laity. The purposes and objectives of the Council include the following: witness an expression of common faith, ideals and programs; represent Lutheran interests before national and state governments and organizations outside the Lutheran Church and generally further its interests, provide publicity, statistics, welfare, mission, education and student work; control its own finances, prepare annual budgets and support fundraising; conduct studies and surveys in fields of work; convene the triennial general conference of representatives of Participating B...

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