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A stranger is watching

In novels there are many literary devices that an author may use. Suspense is one that is used to grab the readers attention and keep reading. Mary Higgins Clark demonstrates suspense throughout her novel, A Stranger Is Watching by giving only so much information then she will direct your attention to something else so the reader keeps reading. Some suspenseful scenes that the author demonstrates in the novel are when an intruder is in the Peterson home and is pointing a gun at Sharons head, another is when Sharon is in the kidnappers car and cleverly puts her ring in the seat so maybe someone would find it, and when Mrs. Perry comes to the Peterson home and tells everyone that she knows the voice of the kidnapper.When Sharon and Neil are home alone at the Peterson home waiting for Mr. Peterson to arrive home from work someone rings the doorbell. Neil then scrambles for the door thinking that it was his father and is stopped by Sharon telling him to ask who it is because his father would have his key. The stranger on the other side of the door tells them that he has something for Mr. Peterson so Neil began to open the door. Then it was pushed with a violent force slamming Neil back against the wall stunning Sharon and the long, thin, barreled pistol that the intruder was pointing at her head. This scene is suspenseful because Clark just ends the statement and does not continue to tell who the intruder is and what he may do to Sharon and Neil and what he wants and why he was there.Another suspenseful scene is while in the kidnappers car before being forced to get out of the car she feels a stinging pain in her left hand it was the ring that Steve had given her for a gift. Sharon then takes the ring off and forces it into the seat cushion just before the kidnapper opens the car door. Then making Sharon get out of the car he took a careful look inside the car picking up the gag that had been in her mouth. Sharon holds her breat...

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