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As Gass To Cars

As gas to cars, food is humans source of energy. If there is no food there is no energy,If there is no energy the body cannot work, in other words, dies. But the concept of food has changed throughout history. In fact, the concept of food in one period differs from one place to the other and from one class to another. Food serves from a surviving necessity, to a luxury, to a consolation of the soul. Personally, I think that people today have forgotten about the main function of food, and instead of eating to live they live to eat. A lot of people today say that they only eat to survive. They justify their opinion by saying that they eat when they are hungry and hunger is a signal from the body saying that it is in need of energy. I do not agree with them. For example, I think that people today are answering the call of cravings rather than that of hunger. Also, I think that a lot of people today eat to sooth their souls rather than their bodies. Furthermore, considering what people are putting in their bodies as a source of energy makes you expect a chemical explosion. Firstly, if people were eating to satisfy true hunger, then they would settle with anything that they could put in their mouths and fill their tummies with. But no, today their body is calling for chocolate, yesterday their body was in need of a source of energy imported from China, and who knows what will happen next? Maybe tomorrow their body wont function with anything less than Italian gas. Secondly, today a lot of people seek comfort in food. When people feel empty inside, they try to fill up that emptiness with food. On a personal level, when Im feeling down I always think that a chocolate bar or a couple scoops if ice cream would pick me up. When Im feeling excited or hyper, I look for potato chips or salted crackers. And when I feel tense or under pressure, I feel the need of a combination of both sweets and salties. Thirdly, sometimes you are just...

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