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Communications Final

Part I - Personal Communication Ethic I feel that that the best way to persuade people is with your ears by listening to them. Feeling this way, I based my personal communication ethic on listening. If all you do is talk, then you probably don't have too many friends. I know that when I am interrupted in mid-sentence I feel like punching the other person. I feel as if the other person doesn't give a care in the world about what I think, and not only does that take away any respect I had for that person, but it hurts my feelings.Here, I have the TOP TEN WORST EXCUSES NOT TO LISTEN 10. It would blow my chances for America's Funniest Home Videos 9. I enjoy fighting over misunderstandings 8. My spouse will expect me to do it all the time 7. I like the challenge of doing a project for the boss when I don't have a clue what's wanted 6. Ignorance is bliss 5. Two words: Political speeches (I'm sorry, that's a good excuse) 4. It gives me a chance to use my creativity to fill in the blanks 3. I forget what I'm going to say if I listen 2. Congress doesn't why should I? 1. People might think I care Listening to obtain sensory stimulation or enjoyment through the works or experiences of others, can promote effective listening skills within the family unit. In this connection, through the use of storytelling, families can ultimately develop and refine listening skills and promote a rich sojourn of the past. This is one way you can practice listening is at home.I hope you have learned something through this speech and I hope you can use this ethic in your life.Thank youPart II#2 Your emotional and physiological state will influence the meaning you give to your perceptions. The sight of raw clams may be physically upsetting when you have a stomachache, but mouth watering when you're hungry. Also, perceiving only the positive in people that you like and only the negative in the people that you do not like is called bias. Be aware of perceptual...

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