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ENC1101 Memory essay

[**I wrote this essay for BCC Recieved a B+"ENC 1101 T/R 12:30 Title"Great Auntie Anne’s House"**] There are many thoughts and memories that I still retain from my childhood. Many have given me new experiences and taught me lessons that have helped me grow. My great Auntie Anne has provided me with several memories, which I still recall occasionally. What are most difficult to forget are the memories of the times in her home. I have never found a home like hers. The memories I obtained outside of the cottage, in the main entrance, in the old library, and in the secret room are the memories most difficult to forget.The small white cottage sat upon a large green field. My Auntie believed in allowing nature rule. A thick terra cotta wall kept the home safe from the outside world surrounded the cottage. Wild flowers grew around the cottage and grew along the surrounding walls of the wild garden. These gave the impression the cottage grew up from flowers. She did not have trimmed green grass or any type of man made landscape. She allowed the green and white wild flowers to grow where they pleased. The field also had many trees that reached high above and branched widely. I remember climbing those trees with my brother and cousins. A dirt road flowed up through the fields into the small garage. As I walked through the thin dirt path I anxiously awaited the adventures found inside the house.Her home was a magical place where my cousins, my brother, and I could run wild. Auntie, as she preferred to be called, was not a strict disciplinarian, so we were free to do what we wished. She resolved that her niece and nephews must learn to enjoy life as she did. We often visited her white cottage while on vacations. The front door of the house was a large wooden door with black iron strips running across. The handle was also made in the shape of a serpent, which symbolizes wisdom and the Earth spirit. Auntie always opened th...

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