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Great Expectations Literary Analysis

In Part 1 of Great Expectations, Pip undergoes many changes. Dickens is now beginning to expand Pip’s character, and make him more complex. After meeting Miss Havisham, Pip thinks of himself as a “poor, common boy”, which he no longer wants to be. When Pip meets Estella, he falls in love with her. Pip now wants to be educated, so he can become a gentleman.After Pip meets with Miss Havisham for the first time, he begins to see his life as the upper class would, and he is very displeased with what he sees. “I fell asleep recalling what I ‘used to do’ when I was at Miss Havisham’s; as though I had been there weeks or months, instead of hours; and as though it were quite an old subject of remembrance, instead of one that had arisen only that day” (75). Pip has never really known any other way of living than his own up until this point, and now that he does, he sees how plain and common his life really is, and he doesn’t like it.When Pip arrives at Miss Havisham’s house, a young girl named Estella lets him in. Although Pip refers to her as “very proud”, he nonetheless is beginning to fall in love with her. “I think she is very pretty” (63). Even with all the comments Estella makes about him, he can’t help but be attracted to her, as I believe Miss Havisham planned, because she commented, “Well? You can break his heart” (62). Miss Havisham is bitter because her fianc left her, so now she is seeking revenge on all males through Estella.Pip doesn’t want to be a poor, common boy anymore; he wants to be educated, so he can become a gentleman. For his first step to becoming learned, Pip asks Biddy to teach him everything she knows, and she gladly obliges. At this point, Pip is so confused about life, and his place in this world, that being educated seems to be the way to become a gentleman, which is what he thinks he wants.The en...

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