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Influential Essay

A lot of people take their driver’s license for granted, and believe me I use to take it for granted too. But ever since I lost my license, I will never take it for granted again.There are many ways to lose your license, but this is the way I lost mine. After I got done listening to music at the Concert Caf, my friends and I went out to eat. When we were done eating, I told them I was going to head back home. They told me that they were going to stay in town for awhile. So, when I was about three quarters of the way home, all of the sudden a car just passed me. I noticed the car right away, it was my friends that said they were going to stay in town for awhile. So I caught up to them and we were going about 55 mph in a 35 mph speed limit. When my friends approached another car they passed him so I did the same. Now we were going about 65 mph in a 45 mph speed limit. My friends kept accelerating so I thought to myself, “How am I going to get pulled over if I am following another car?” After our speed finally settled at around 80 mph we were still in the 45 mph speed limit. About four miles later when were still cruising at 80 mph, but now in a 55 mph speed limit I saw red and blue lights in my rearview mirror. So, I pulled over and so did my friends. When the cop approached us he pulled ahead of me, but behind my friends. I thought to myself, “All right, I got away.” So I pulled back out on to the road, but the cop didn’t move out of the lane. Then I pulled back onto the shoulder of the road and the cop nestled his way in between my friends and myself. We both ended up getting a ticket for going 79 mph in a 55 mph speed limit. We both got a ticket for $172.90 and six points on our license. When I got my second ticker I was dropping off a letter to my priest and I was on my way home. I was going down a side road towards a town. The speed limit was 55 mph and I was going 60 mph...

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