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Lord of the Flies9

In the book Lord of the Flies symbolism plays an extremely important role in the struggle of good and evil between the characters and the plot of the story. Objects in the story symbolize law and order and why these factors were needed among the characters. The seashell shows how people can live within a place of order and rules. This becomes true when the boys use the conch as a ground of “you cannot talk unless you have the shell in your hands”. The shell also calls meetings of the children. They gather when the shell gets blown. Another symbolism of goodness would be Ralph, the leader that tries to live by laws and rules. Ralph symbolizes this due to the fact that he always tries to gain order among the littluns and place down rules. He is the only child in the end that does not want to harm others and believes that there are other needs than hunting. Piggy makes a large representation of law due to the fact that it was the only thing that he knew. He had a sense of responsibility and law that he wanted to obey with no other kind of life. He attempts to use the conch to bring back order to “The Tribe”, but in the process he loses his life. These are the ways that objects and characters in the novel symbolize law and order.Intelligence and common sense become symbolized by some of the characters through ways that are obviuos. Simon represents these factors due to the fact tat he thinks freely and seeks the truth. He says that “The beastie is not real, but is within the man.” He goes upon the mountain to see the beastie and the Lord of the Flies even “tells him” that he was right. Simon in the end gets killed and drifts away out to sea. This symbolizes Christ because he was trying to bring common sense to the island. Piggy symbolizes intelligence due to the fact that he has high intelligence and knows what the situation calls for. He knows about ways of living such as the conch giving ...

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