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Night strikes fear into the hearts, minds and souls of the people in the novel. It symbolizes the torments and evil that Elie and many others face. The hours following the sunset represents all that is evil, the absence of light is the absence of hope. The most horrific acts happened at night. People were burned and tormented evil is the night. Elie first sees the most horrifying things one can imagine at night, for example, he first sees the ferniest and realizes then the destiny of those going to "the other line". It is fear of the dark not being able to see, becoming helpless and vonerable to anything that happens to grace your presences. You can expect the unexpected. In this Novel Wiesel describes the night this way. Fire is also a symbol that Wiesel describes. Fire represents a non -reparable hurt. The memory's can never be erased it can only remain there to linger in the minds of the few that did survive the holocaust. " She's mad, poor soul Some one had put a damp cloth on her brow to calm her, but still her screams went on: Fire! Fire! There's nothing there. sit down Jews listen to me ! I can see a fire! There are huge flames! It is a furnace ('Night" pg.23) many didn't realize there fate until it was to late. This lady was able to see what no one else could, she saw the cruel intensions and knew, what to expect. The scars left after the burn has healed is a constant reminder of what happened . The only light is one that is the inflictor of pain.Survival is what the goal was. Elie's goal was to survive and he seceded even when it seemed to be impossible. "Keep going! We are getting there! Courage! Only a few more hours!("Night"pg.88) It was a fight to the finish a battle that seemed impossible to win. People were deprived of food shelter and clothing of all the basic necessities of life. The people had hope that's all they were able to have hope, no one could have taken it from them. In order to make it cross the finish ...

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