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Proper Use of the Term Myself

In Mike Kelley's essay entitled, "Please Forgive I; Myself Just Isn't Me Today," he makes reference to the use of the term "myself." Kelley makes it clear that he does not believe in the use of the term "myself" in such a way as, "Dr. Richards and myself will talk about..." (As if heard on TV). This sort language is accepted modern usage, but as Kelley reminds us, "I refuse to accept any usage that is defined as modern." He believes this sort of language is what leads to other appalling statements like, "Hopefully it won't rain again today," which should then be answered with such a comment as, "Yes, hopelessly the sun will shine on little children all over the world, you benighted, salivating nit." He goes on to convince us that, according to him, there is only one correct use of the word "myself" which is to indicate agreement.I believe the Primary Purpose of this essay is to be a persuasive one. The objective of this writing seems to be convincing the reader of the proper use of the term "myself." This may or may not be the grammatically correct definition of this word, but it is the message Kelley is attempting to convey nonetheless. Kelley writes in his fifth paragraph that, "There is one and only one proper usage of 'myself' and that is to denote clear and forceful agreement." With this statement, he is obviously trying to persuade us to take his point of view. He also reinforces this by telling a story of two men working in a field for hours, when one of them says he would like a beer. Kelley tells us that the proper response would not be to agree and explain your reasons, but rather to simply say, "Mahsayelf!" Then telling us "That is what the word is there for and that is how to use it. Hopefully I will not have to explain this again."The Secondary Purpose of Kelley's essay is to be a literary work. While he tries to convince us of the proper usage of a certain term, he does it in a humorous tone. When describing a situation...

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