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Redemption Through Death and Rebirth

In the novel Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, Pip goes through a vast change after having a near death experience. The night that changed his life was very unexpected. He received an anonymous note that told him to go to the marshes. That is where he was attacked by Orlick and almost killed. Before his attack, Pip started out not knowing what was truly important. He became wrapped up in appearances and being accepted by the upper class. That night got him to think about what was really important. After Orlick attacked Pip, it made him realize that he needed to stay alive. Not because he valued his life, but because he had obligations to fulfill with Magwitch and Joe. Pip said “[Magwitch] would believe I deserted him, would be taken, would die accusing me”(429). He also said that “Joe and Biddy would never know how sorry I had been that night”(429). He worried about dying not letting people know how much he actually cared for them. After Pip had a near death experience, it made him realize that he shouldn’t judge others based on their appearance. That became clear when Pip started to take care of Magwitch. At first Pip was disgusted with him and wished Magwitch wasn’t his benefactor. He saw how much Magwitch cared for him. Pip said “I will never stir from your side...when I am suffered to be near you. Please God, I will be as true to you as you have been to me”(457). Pip began to really care for Magwitch. Magwitch was very true and generous to Pip throughout his life. He saw that Magwitch was only their to help him and give him a better life. Pip changed after realizing how much Magwitch cared for him. Pip truly loved him. His love for Magwitch was real because he had nothing to gain from him. He said “with a heavy head, and aching limbs, and no purpose, and no power”(466). After Magwitch died, Pip became physically ill. While Pip was ill, he saw how much he misse...

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