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Stucco House

“The Stucco House” “The Stucco House” by Ellen Gilchrist is a story about seven year old boy named Teddy who lives with his mother Because of the existing circumstances concerning his family’s relationships,especially between his mom and step dad, the boy seems“scared of everything” as seen by Eric. However this fearis not fear in the pure sense but is mixed in with otheremotions such as confusion, disappointment and uncertainty.The child’s true fear is losing his stepfather Ericresulting from a possible future divorce from his mother. The author implies that Teddy is a sad and disappointedwith his mothers past failed marriages especially to hisreal father, and he is now afraid of losing his stepfatherfrom another marital breakup. To deal with this emotion,the boy fantasizes about having his mother “go away” whilehe and his stepfather stay in his “stucco” house, a househe loves so dearly. Eric was not only a good father forTeddy but also “the best grown person he had everknown.”(p. 41) He wasn’t like others, “large, veryhigh-strung children who never sat still or finished whatthey started.”(p.40)Throughout the story there is also seen a subtleanxiety Teddy feels about his mother’s well being. Inreading “The Stucco House” we get the idea that his motheris probably an alcoholic and sexually promiscuous. Although he loves his step dad more he is genuinely worriedabout his mom’s health and future. At the tender age ofseven he could not possibly have any answers or solutionsto her problems. This confusion and helplessness couldelicit fear in such a young child since he, at such atender age, sees no way out.In this story there are also subtle hints that hisolder brothers abuse him. The author states that he keptstuffed animals on his bed to protect him from ghosts,vampires and “to keep his big brother...

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