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hunger of memory

The Hunger of Memory: The Education of Richard Rodriguez, was a story about an Hispanic kid who went through a lot of changes throughout his childhood. This boy moved to California to live with his family and start his new life. He had never learned to speak or understand English, so you can only imagine how difficult a time he must have had. He tried to keep quiet his entire time in class so he didn’t humiliate or just flat out embarrass himself. He grew up thinking that English was a public language while Spanish was a private one. Through the next 6 months to year he started to pick up English much more fluently but kept on talking in Spanish when he was at home. One day his parents were told by the teachers (nuns) that he needed to speak English at home if he was going to really pick it up well, and to stop speaking in Spanish period. This disturbed Richard a lot and he tried not to follow through with it. Richard thought that if he talked an English to his parents he would not feel intimate and their closeness would be gone. He felt this for a long time until he grew up a little and realized that no matter what he spoke his family’s backbone and intimacy would always be there. As time went by he started to like the feeling of being an American citizen and he found his family and him just as close as always. He also realized that intimacy was do to those who are supposed to be intimate not because of any language.I thought this story was kind of blaa. At the beginning of the story Richard made it very hard to understand by the way he would phrase things. It seemed like he started out writing this in junior high and finished it in college. He was very specific throughout his writing, and gave many ideas and thoughts that he had and put them down on paper, but some of it was a little to explained and unnecessary. Although he described things in detail throughout the story, it was hard at times to understan...

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