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like water for chocolate vs 4 loves

The novel, Like Water for Chocolate, at first glance seems to be primarily centered on the love that C.S. Lewis called eros in his book The Four Loves. However, if eros had been the only love present, some key points would be overlooked. More than any other love present, the likings and loves for the subhuman plays the most important role. In The Four Loves, C.S. Lewis describes two kinds of “likings and loves for the subhuman; one of which being need-pleasure, and one being pleasure of appreciation. The central theme of “Like Water for Chocolate” focuses primarily on the former. C.S. lewis says of the two kinds of love, “pleasures can be divided into two classes; those which would not be pleasures at all unless they were proceeded by desire, and those which are pleasures in their own right.” Tita, to her mother and to Pedro, was a pleasure that would not be such unless proceeded by desire.She embodies others desires for food, sex, and comfort. Without such needs eminating from some of those around her, Tita would not be needed.The first need-pleasure that Tita fulfills is for her mother. She is taught that she must cater to her mother above all else. She must cast aside all of her own desires and in so doing become a kind of cooking cleaning machine dedicated to the sole purpose of satisfying her mother. Through Tita’s mom’s eyes, Tita is nothing more than a useful household appliance. The phrase “To the Table or to the bed/You must come when you are bid” is perched proudly on the dedication page. This is her mothers hallmark. Tita must do everything to satisfy her mother and in return, just as a machine, Tita is given enough vital fluids and fuels to continue on serving her purpose: to always do everything asked by anyone.The second person using Tita as an item of need pleasure is Pedro. To him, Tita is merely eye candy. In the Hispanic culture, the male is naturally the dominati...

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