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Outline of The Great Conductor

Bach and HandelI.IntroductionA.Until 1850s, composer, player, and conductor were same person B.Presider over the harpsicord was conductorII.MonteverdiA.Introduced tremseo and pizzicato for bowed instruments1.Violinists were horrifiedB.Strings were made backbone of orchestraC.Did not wave stick, but was conductorIII.LullyA. Used a baton1.Was a long rod he struck on the ground2.Resulted in his death when the staff went into his fist and gangrene developedB. Modern orchestra fashioned after himC.Dominated his performancesD.First great conductor1.Musicians from everywhere came to study with himIV.BachA. Much like todays conductor1. Sat at clavier in concert masters chair2. Did not use a batonB. Good conductor and demanding musicianA. Could probably play any instrumentB. Expected everyone to be as good as he wasC. Complete musician who could do it allA. Could hear the tiniest mistakesB. Tuned orchestra himselfV.HandelA. Harpsichordist and organistA. Presided over harpsichord and was therefore conductorB. Impatient like BachC. Used dynamic markingsA. Were new to the timeB. Eventually became commonChapter IV. Haydn, Mozart, and BeethovenA. Mannheim Orchestra1. Considered the best in Europe2. Helped spark a new school of composers and conductors3. Composer Cannabich considered among the bestB. GluckA. Perfectionist1. Would play a passage 20-30 times until satisfiedB. Rumored that his musicians paid doubleC. Influenced by Mannheim orchestraC. HaydnA. Composed for the Concerts de la Lage OlympiqueB. Influenced by StamitzC. Served at Esterhaz Palace1. Prince demanded 2 weekly concerts2. Prince took great interest in orchestra3. Prince requested certain types of musica. Gamba because prince could play an instrument4.Was rewarded with a maid, coachman and selected performersD. Forceful and demanding1. Asked that every detail be observed2. Players considered him a slave-driverE. Grew very popular1. Outside negotiations for musica. Printing n...

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