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Tolerance is Essential for Peace in the Middle East

The human rights violations that are currently occurring against the Palestinian people are cruel, tragic, and blatantly unacceptable. I understand that these atrocities can cause people to feel enraged and angry—and they should. However, anyone who believes in freedom, peace, and the protection of human rights, should refrain from descending into the stygian abyss of racism. We should look at the current situation in Israel and recognize the gross injustice and inequity that is being unleashed against the Palestinian people. However, rather than resorting to vicious anti-Semitic rhetoric against all Jewish people (and subsequently descend into a vicious circle of prejudice and hate), we ought to recognize the common humanity that all people share, and actively work to end injustice and protect human rights everywhere. By introducing bigoted Nazi rhetoric into an international debate, you are indirectly supporting the most terrible and tragic of crimes—genocide (specifically, the Holocaust). Any person who vocally supports genocide, not only takes a frighteningly immoral historical stance, but also looses all credibility in the promotion and protection of human rights. Since the appalling plight of the Palestinians is a fundamental issue of human rights, this is neither a prudent nor savvy move for you to make (if you indeed support the Palestinian cause). The Palestinian plight is salient, pressing, and truly tragic; but people that harbor explicit prejudice against the Jews only stymie the efforts of the Palestinian leaders to establish an autonomous Palestinian state (and subsequent peace in the region). No person or group of people deserves to be displaced, tortured, and killed. The international community must attempt to unite and actively work towards a future in which the Palestinians will achieve what they deserve as a people—autonomous statehood. We must do this in a sensitive, empathetic, and pacif...

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